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NRC and KalGene develop new Alzheimer’s treatment: Patients are one step closer to receiving novel treatment for the disease.

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Alzheimer's Disease: One Of The Greatest Enemies Of Humanity

Neurodegenerative Diseases With the number of Canadians suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia expected to double by 2025, investing in research for a cure is crucial.

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National Research Council of Canada and KalGene Pharmaceuticals announce license agreement for the development of novel Alzheimer’s therapeutics.

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Our recent partnership with KalGene is one such example where we will combine innovations from two organizations to develop antibodies attacking the cells that create brain cancers.

— Dr. Danica Stanimirovic, Program Lead, Therapeutics Beyond Brain Barriers Program.

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KalGene Pharmaceuticals – Press Release - June 13, 2014

KalGene Pharmaceuticals, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network and CIMTEC announce multi-year collaboration to tackle aggressive cancers



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The Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization (CIMTEC) was founded in 2011 to facilitate and accelerate the commercialization of medical imaging and digital pathology technologies.



Characterization of a novel humanized monoclonal antibody specific to KAL 006: Impact on lymphatic metastasis in cancer.

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Canadian Healthcare Technology 2014

KalGene Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: KalGene Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s oncology programs are aimed at improving clinical out- comes through the use of precision medicine, with a particular focus on breast and other epithelial cancers.